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5 Healthy Truck Driving Habits

Long-haul, or over-the-road truckers are synonymous with long-distance travel. On these trips, weeks or even months are spent on the road. Understandably, many find this to be a rigorous job. In fact, this duty can even lead to the development of an unhealthy lifestyle. Being on the go, most truckers develop a heavy reliance on junk food and caffeine to accumulate energy, wakefulness, and pass the time. This is of grave concern, since staying healthy doesn’t just contribute to your well-being, but also plays a huge role in your future career success. These 5 healthy habits should be adopted by every truck driver to keep energized and prevent burnout.

5 Healthy Habits for a Truck Driver

  1. Eat Healthy on the Road
    Unlike fast food restaurants and gas stations, grocery stores offer a wide variety of healthy and fresh foods. Additionally, most of these grocery stores throughout the country have ample parking space for trailers. Some smart items to begin with include pre-washed and cut spinach and lettuce, vegetables, whole fruit, and grilled meats such as turkey breast and chicken.
  2. Exercise
    Due to the long-distance travel, you could develop stiff muscle soreness. This will affect your concentration on the road, as well as invite future health issues. For example: if you drive for “x” continuous hours, follow up by taking a period of equal duration to rest and exercise. These periods will allow your body to rejuvenate, and raise your concentration back on the road. Portable exercise equipment to consider bringing on your next road trip include pedometers, folding bicycles and portable weights.
  3. Sleep
    Sleep is vital to maintain health. Since you will be in your truck’s cabin, invest in quality berth mattresses and pillows. A portable heater and fan should also be used to optimize sleeping conditions. Since you will need as much sleep as possible, take every opportunity you are not driving to rest.
  4. Mind
    This job can be prone to monotony and boredom. Seeing the same road and sights, mile after mile, can be draining. You might also find yourself thinking too much or getting easily distracted. Therefore, vary your driving routine to remain fresh and alert. Audio books, language tapes, and music are just a few of the ways that can help you achieve this necessary level of focus.
  5. Family
    Due to the job’s long-distance nature, you will spend significant time away from family. However, take advantage of today’s technology to remain connected to your family on the go. Share travel stories, as well as pictures captured along the way. Upon returning home, emphasize spending quality family time together.

Following these trucking tips will lead to a healthier lifestyle

Due to its sedentary nature, long-haul driving can develop unhealthy habits for body and mind. However, by following the tips above, you can maintain a healthy life, while still keeping in touch with your inner-self on the road and your family at home.

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