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5 Healthy Truck Driving Habits

Long-haul, or over-the-road truckers are synonymous with long-distance travel. On these trips, weeks or even months are spent on the road. Understandably, many find this to be a rigorous job. In fact, this duty can even lead to the development of an unhealthy lifestyle. Being on the go, most truckers develop a heavy reliance on junk food and caffeine to accumulate energy, wakefulness, and pass the time. This is of grave concern, since staying healthy doesn’t just contribute to your well-being, but also plays a huge role in your future career success. These 5 healthy habits should be adopted by every truck driver to keep energized and prevent burnout. Continue reading

San Francisco Bay Area Warehousing Services

10 Tips for a More Efficient Warehouse

In producing quick and accurate shipments, an efficient warehouse plays a huge role in customer satisfaction. However, to run such an efficient warehouse, a great deal of effort and time is required. Additionally, it requires a careful planning process and the use of the proper tools, to confirm that all operations run smoothly. In addition to a steady flow of operations, strong warehouse management will save time and costs. So if you are a warehouse manager, please consider the following tips. They will go a long way in easing your workload and improving your operations. Continue reading

Gain Efficiency in Your Warehouse Management

When products are delivered on time to the satisfaction of customers, it is easy to assume that your company is performing efficiently. However, there are numerous tweaks that can be implemented to make a positive impact on your firm’s bottom line. Most people think that  strong warehouse efficiency is all about getting products delivered on time, while keeping everything in place. However, efficiency in warehouse management is all about maximizing productivity, while saving money and time. Continue reading

Maximize Your Intermodal Efficiency

How to: Maximize Your Intermodal Efficiency

With increased fuel prices, driver shortage and as well as continued government policies that reduce service hours on the road, truck capacity is compromised. As a shipper, you need to find means of lowering costs, improving service delivery. One of the best ways of achieving that is through intermodal services. Intermodal transportation is more efficient and more cost effective when it comes to cargo transportation, as compared to using highways. If you are in the business of logistics, the following tips can greatly improve your intermodal efficiency. Continue reading

5 Quick Tips on Logistics Management

Logistics Management Tips

Any company whose business entails providing a variety of services and products to consumers should have a well-defined logistics strategy. This is importance towards the sustainability of that business as well as providing the highest standards of service at all times. Logistics mainly deals with supply of materials, when they must be transported, delivery, and time considerations, to ensure the entire procedure runs smoothly from start to completion. Continue reading

Feds Announce 5 year Plan for Connected Vehicle Requirements

Intermodal and Trucking News, Dec 2016:

Federal 5 year Plan for Connected Vehicle Requirements

The Department of Transportation recently introduced guidelines to enhance connected vehicle technology. According to federal officials, this technology can reduce up to 80% of crashes that happen on U.S. highways. The rule requires the vehicle industry to begin implementation of vehicle-to-vehicle communications, with a delivery time of two years. According to the new framework, state agencies will continue handling the human aspect of vehicle operation such as vehicle registration and licensing as well as regulating insurance and liability questions. Continue reading

Everything You Should Know About Electronic Logging Devices

Bay Area Trucking Services Company Discusses the Coming Changes in Electronic Logging

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An electronic logging device (ELD) is an electronic solution designed to enable commercial motor carriers and professional truck drivers, an easy means of tracking their Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance. This compliance was brought forward by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in a bid to curb driver cheating, which was highly prevalent in the old system of paper logging. By 17th December 2017, all drivers affected by this rule are expected to have fully complied.

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Intermodal Transportation Services are Surging

In the past few years, intermodal transportation has witnessed an increased growth.

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Intermodal transportation services involves the movement of truck trailers and shipping containers by rail. It is also combined with truck movement at either one or both ends. However, the truck movement is usually significantly shorter. It remains one of the biggest contributors to freight rail revenue in the US. In 2015, more than 13 million units were moved, through rail freight transportation. Since 2013, more than 50% of shippers have shifted their freight to intermodal, according to the Association of American Railroads (AAR). This can be attributed to the following factors.

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Key Insights to Balancing Warehouse Workforce

If you are a manager for a Bay Area warehouse services company and you want to get the best out of your team, here are some few tips to consider.

managing warehouse staff, bay area warehousing services, oakland logistics services, warehouse managementRunning a warehouse workforce successfully requires good interpersonal skills. As a warehouse manager, you want your staff to be successful, both as a team and individually. However, there are many challenges facing today’s warehouse manager, including differences in language, age, gender, literacy levels and cultural differences, among others.

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Transportation and Logistics Industries Take New Cyber-Security Measures

Bay Area Logistics Companies Face Cyber-Security Threats

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Technological innovations are changing the way business is conducted in the world. The transportation, shipping, and logistics industries have not been left behind. Technology has dramatically changed how entities within this industry function, in almost every aspect. From the application of Bluetooth technology to track products and services, to the increased efficiency and affordability in the transportation management systems, technology has become integral in this industry.

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