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Safe Trucking in the Winter

Bad Weather Advice from Bay Area Intermodal Services Experts

Trucking and transportation logistics companies know that the winter season creates extra barriers to safe driving. Especially in the Northern United States where ice and snow can create dangerous driving conditions, it is important to drive defensively and safely. Trucking accidents with thousands of pounds of cargo can be disastrous. If you are a truck driver who plans to drive during the winter, employ these safe trucking methods the next time you hit the road:

Drive Slow

If you’ve ever witnessed an 18-wheeler speed by you on the freeway, you know how unsettling and daunting this can be. If a truck is driving too fast during winter, it can lead to deadly outcomes. Drive slowly in the cold months to stay safe. It is better to spend extra time driving to a warehousing destination than to save time while increasing the risks of a fatal accident.

Be Prepared

This may seem obvious, but it can’t be overstated. Leave extra early and always know ahead of time which routes you plan to take. Plan alternative routes in case you have to exit the highway or take a detour. Indecisive driving can lead to more accidents, so be clear and concise on your plan of action.

Check Weather Conditions

Check weather conditions before you hit the road. If the conditions seem too dangerous, consider delaying the trip until the weather clears up. Ice, hail, and snow are best not to drive in. Avoid driving in these situations if you can. Also, consider driving only in the daylight as an extra precaution.

Emergency Kit

In case a road emergency happens, have an emergency kit to help you survive. This should include: first aid kit, vehicle repair, battery-powered radio, extra batteries, flashlight, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, blanket, flares, tire repair kit, bottled water, and non-perishable food items.

Check for Black Ice

Black ice is a thin layer of transparent ice that appears when temperatures are close to freezing. It is hard to see black ice on the road, but it can be extremely dangerous to drive on. To determine if there is black ice on the road, check your truck’s mirror arms, windshield corners, and antenna for ice build-up. Also, if you notice cars in front of you do not spray water when they drive over watery patches, it’s probable that black ice is present.

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