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Intermodal Service Experts

Intermodal transportation refers to the use of one or more carries, or modes, for the transportation of freight goods from the shipper to consignee. In most cases, specialized and standardized containers on ships, trucks, and freight trains are used in the process. These containers are specifically designed, durable rectangular cubes that are capable of being safely secured to modified trailers. They are also built in a way that allows them to be transported using different modes. This in turn helps to eliminate the risks of damage to cargo that comes with extra handling of shipments when items must be unpacked and repacked between transportation modes. (Note: Some air cargo is also shipped in intermodal containers, although they must be shaped to fit in an air freighter’s cargo hold.)

Why Intermodal Modal Transportation is the Right Way to Go

Intermodal transportation is ideal for the hauling of any imports, exports, and cross-continental shipments that need to shift between air, ship, rail or truck. It simplifies the entire process of transportation, thereby increasing efficiency in terms of logistics and supply chain management.

A significant number of freight forwarders also prefer intermodal transportation since it helps  boost the security of goods and reduces handling costs. Intermodal services are also gaining popularity because of their overall cost reduction capabilities, improved highway safety, and environmental benefits.

Intermodal Service Experts

Intermodal-capable trucks are typically used to connect a particular container from the ocean to a warehouse or rail. These modified trucks also run between inland shipping truck terminals rail systems, and inland and seaports. For those in need of such services in Northern California, R&A Trucking has a fleet of trucks more than capable of transporting cargo containers between destinations in Northern California or to various destinations across the U.S.

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R&A is a reputable Trucking Company that provides intermodal container services for different ports, some of which include Richmond, Oakland, Stockton, Lathrop, Stockton, and San Francisco. Over the years, R&A Trucking has managed to create longstanding relationships with terminal operators at most ports. This has helped to expedite the transportation of clients’ products from different origin points to their destination. The logistics coordinators at R&A Trucking also work closely with customers in order to come up with the most appropriate mode of intermodal transportation so that containers can be moved in the most effective manner possible. The company also offers expert storage, rail and trucking services as part of the intermodal transportation service package.

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5 Tips for Better Shipping Logistics: Ways to Save Time, Trouble and Money When Shipping

Logistics can make or break a company. When people think of a shipping company’s logistics, they mainly think only of the shipping and receiving elements. However, the thought process should involve the whole company, external companies, carriers, vendors and end users. It’s a process that revolves around moving products from your suppliers to the end user. For a shipping company to have a successful logistics plan, there are several key elements that can be followed to ensure that your company is effective and efficient while keeping customers well satisfied with the end result. Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks for Intermodal Success

If you have not yet joined the intermodal bandwagon, then this is the best time to do so. Currently, the capacity is well balanced while the rates have remained positive and steady in addition to a smooth service. As you can see, nothing should hold you back from joining the intermodal industry, as long as it fits into your shipping organization. However, there are various things to familiarize yourself with, if you want to integrate intermodal into your freight strategy successfully. Continue reading

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Tips on How to Improve Your Transloading Operations

Companies have to be smart about logistics to improve their bottom line. To reach the customer on time, the company needs to come up with a fast and flexible supply chain. Transloading is one way to improve logistics, especially when the shipment involves bulk items. The right method of transportation allows the company to move faster and spur growth. However, as a company, you need the right strategy to ensure you get the best out of your transloading process. Here are some tips that will help you turn the process into a seamless operation; Continue reading

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Quick Intermodal Tips

The complexity of the intermodal world can be quite confusing, especially if you are new to the industry. Should you happen to be a beginner, there are various terms and concepts to understand if you want to succeed. Here are some of the best quick tricks and tips to guide you in the right direction. Continue reading

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What to Know About Oversized Loads

When it comes to shipping oversized items, each state has different provisions. Therefore, it is vital to understand the legal requirements for every state. Flatbed shipments are among the trickiest loads to transport. If you are moving any flatbed loads such as steel beams, tractors, bulldozers or prefabricated homes, make sure you know the exact weight and dimension of your shipment. With this information, you can be able to choose the most appropriate means of transportation, while ensuring the goods arrive safely to the customer. Here are key considerations to make when transporting oversized loads. Continue reading

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5 Healthy Truck Driving Habits

Long-haul, or over-the-road truckers are synonymous with long-distance travel. On these trips, weeks or even months are spent on the road. Understandably, many find this to be a rigorous job. In fact, this duty can even lead to the development of an unhealthy lifestyle. Being on the go, most truckers develop a heavy reliance on junk food and caffeine to accumulate energy, wakefulness, and pass the time. This is of grave concern, since staying healthy doesn’t just contribute to your well-being, but also plays a huge role in your future career success. These 5 healthy habits should be adopted by every truck driver to keep energized and prevent burnout. Continue reading

Maximize Your Intermodal Efficiency

How to: Maximize Your Intermodal Efficiency

With increased fuel prices, driver shortage and as well as continued government policies that reduce service hours on the road, truck capacity is compromised. As a shipper, you need to find means of lowering costs, improving service delivery. One of the best ways of achieving that is through intermodal services. Intermodal transportation is more efficient and more cost effective when it comes to cargo transportation, as compared to using highways. If you are in the business of logistics, the following tips can greatly improve your intermodal efficiency. Continue reading

5 Quick Tips on Logistics Management

Logistics Management Tips

Any company whose business entails providing a variety of services and products to consumers should have a well-defined logistics strategy. This is importance towards the sustainability of that business as well as providing the highest standards of service at all times. Logistics mainly deals with supply of materials, when they must be transported, delivery, and time considerations, to ensure the entire procedure runs smoothly from start to completion. Continue reading