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Truck Cargo Thefts in California

Protecting Loads of Paramount Importance for Those in Bay Area Container Moving

For truckers providing container moving services in California, the first quarter of 2016 has not been kind. Of the 221 cargo thefts reported in this time period, 21% occurred in our state – the highest losses in the nation.

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Trucking Tips for the Spring

Seasonal Trucking Advice from Leaders in Bay Area Logistics and Freight

Truck drivers face unique road dangers during the spring months. They also find themselves saddled with salt-encrusted vehicles that need attention before the summer begins. Here are a few tips to address both issues.

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Bay Area Logistics Services With Durable Trucks

Extending the Useful Life of Trucks in Your Fleet

Oakland Intermodal Transportation Firm On Increasing Truck Longevity

Your trucks constitute a significant business investment and a key component of your intermodal transportation system. A damaged or broken truck creates cascading costs. In addition to paying outright for the repairs, you also must swallow additional costs. You need to pay staff to reroute or reschedule pick-ups and deliveries, and you may also need to take time to address client concerns. Keep your trucks safe and functional on the road by following these recommendations:

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Oakland Transportation Logistics

Safe Trucking in the Winter

Bad Weather Advice from Bay Area Intermodal Services Experts

Trucking and transportation logistics companies know that the winter season creates extra barriers to safe driving. Especially in the Northern United States where ice and snow can create dangerous driving conditions, it is important to drive defensively and safely. Trucking accidents with thousands of pounds of cargo can be disastrous. If you are a truck driver who plans to drive during the winter, employ these safe trucking methods the next time you hit the road:

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Oakland Logistics

Maximizing Truck Longevity: Oil Maintenance is Paramount

Improve Your Bay Area Transportation Logistics with a Well-Maintained Fleet

As a truck driver, one of the greatest assets you’ll have is your truck. A strong transportation logistics plan depends heavily on the durability of these valuable vehicles. Maintaining your truck is important if you want to get the longest shelf life possible, and keeping watch of your oil is one of the best ways to maintain your truck.

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Intermodal Service Richmond, CA

Tips for Truck Drivers: How to Avoid Drowsy Driving

Alertness Tips for Truckers from a Bay Area Logistics Services Firm

Drunk driving has long been outlawed as a dangerous and irresponsible act, but did you know that drowsy driving can be just as detrimental? Studies about “drowsy driving” have revealed startling facts. Apparently, remaining awake for 18 hours without sleep is mentally equivalent to driving drunk; it is equal to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08%. In this sense, driving drunk and driving drowsy are equally harmful because both will impair reflexes, cloud judgment, and increase the likelihood of serious accidents in regular and intermodal transportation alike.

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Oakland Transportation Logistics

Tips for Summer Truck Driving

Expert Oakland Logistics Company Advises on Trucking in the Summertime

Packing a survival kit is a necessity during the cold and bitter months of winter. But did you know that a summer survival kit is just as necessary? Unprepared truck drivers involved in transportation logistics are just as susceptible to harm in the sunny days of summer as they are in the cold weather. Taking a few simple precautions can ensure that you, as a trucker driver, enjoy good health all year around. Follow these simple tricks to stay in good health and avoid harm:

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Oakland Transportation Logistics

Guidelines for Truck Driving in Winter Weather

Winter Driving Safety Tips from an Oakland Trucking Company

Winter weather can leave truckers working in icy, hazardous conditions. These large vehicles require good logistics and a driver’s constant, vigilant awareness to navigate roadways successfully. Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you head out in winter weather: Continue reading

R&A Trucking Fleet 2014

6 Awesome Mobile Apps for Truckers

Bay Area Truckers Love Trucking Apps

Apps that Truckers likeThe Bay Area trucking and logistics experts at R&A Trucking are constantly on the lookout for new ways to help people move cargo and freight more efficiently. Mobile app developers have come up with several ingenious ideas to make trucking and freighting easier, more systematic, and less error prone. Here are 6 apps that you might find particularly useful.

1. FleetSafer Mobile
According to a recent study at Virginia Tech, truckers who text and drive are 21 times more likely to get into fatal crashes than truckers who stay off their phones. This app prevents drivers from texting by automatically returning a text message to effect of “I’m driving: call you later.”

2. GasBuddy
Monitoring and titrating fuel consumption can be quite challenging. Truckers need to closely gauge fuel consumption to maximize profits, identify wastage and avoid getting into trouble with their companies. This app lets you see fuel prices and availability across the country to help you calculate your route.

3. Truckers Tools
This free app can help you with driving directions, and it provides coupons redeemable at thousands of truck stops across the United States.

4. CarbsControl
Trucking requires full body strength and a lot of concentration. But driving a truck involves staying stationary and sedentary for long periods of time. As a result, truckers spend a lot of time eating at fast food restaurants and snacking on sugary drinks and snacks. Emergent research in the world of nutrition suggests that eating a high sugar, high carbohydrate diet can predispose sedentary individuals to a cluster of diseases known as metabolic syndrome. This includes Type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension and coronary heart disease. This is a great, simple app to help you count your carbs while on the road to manage your blood sugar safely.

5. Skype
Truckers can use Skype to conference with distributors and employers and other truckers about road conditions and delivery schedules.

6. Xata Turnpike
The Xata Turnpike suite of apps can track hours of service logs, productivity, risk scorecards, etc.

Whether you’re looking to ship cargo in the Bay Area, or you have other business or freighting needs, turn to the team here at R&A Trucking for high quality, on-time intermodal transport.