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Tips on How to Improve Your Transloading Operations

Companies have to be smart about logistics to improve their bottom line. To reach the customer on time, the company needs to come up with a fast and flexible supply chain. Transloading is one way to improve logistics, especially when the shipment involves bulk items. The right method of transportation allows the company to move faster and spur growth. However, as a company, you need the right strategy to ensure you get the best out of your transloading process. Here are some tips that will help you turn the process into a seamless operation; Continue reading

5 Quick Tips on Logistics Management

Logistics Management Tips

Any company whose business entails providing a variety of services and products to consumers should have a well-defined logistics strategy. This is importance towards the sustainability of that business as well as providing the highest standards of service at all times. Logistics mainly deals with supply of materials, when they must be transported, delivery, and time considerations, to ensure the entire procedure runs smoothly from start to completion. Continue reading

Feds Announce 5 year Plan for Connected Vehicle Requirements

Intermodal and Trucking News, Dec 2016:

Federal 5 year Plan for Connected Vehicle Requirements

The Department of Transportation recently introduced guidelines to enhance connected vehicle technology. According to federal officials, this technology can reduce up to 80% of crashes that happen on U.S. highways. The rule requires the vehicle industry to begin implementation of vehicle-to-vehicle communications, with a delivery time of two years. According to the new framework, state agencies will continue handling the human aspect of vehicle operation such as vehicle registration and licensing as well as regulating insurance and liability questions. Continue reading


Outsourced 3PL Bridges the Communication Gap

Outsourced Third Party Logistics Bridges the Communication Gap

The use of big data is increasingly becoming popular among shippers and 3PLs. According to a 21st Annual Third-Party Logistics study, more than 90% of shippers who were interviewed revealed that data-driven decision-making is very important to the future of Oakland logistics. More than 80% of shippers and third party logistics companies indicated that the huge data sets, together with a process known as Analytics, are very crucial in leveraging data. This helps in improving organizational processes. Big data is slowly becoming a core competency in supply chain organizations. Continue reading

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New Trucking & Logistics Mobile Friendly Website Launched

Bay Area Trucking & Logistics Company Goes Mobile!

R&A Trucking, a complete intermodal freight transport company, launched its new website today. Recently, R & A Trucking has seen a growth in logistics and transportation projects for Bay Area Trucking & Loghigh-profile clients such as Tesla Motors, San Francisco Central Subway project, The Great Pacific Race, and the America’s Cup yacht race. We decided that if we’re going to be working on large-scale projects with big companies, we needed a website that is equally as impressive. 

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Using a Shared Warehouse in the Bay Area

Complete Warehouse and Distribution Services

Oakland warehousing servicesWhy share a warehouse in the Bay Area? After all, you may have proprietary processes or special needs regarding your products or distribution set up. Will you have to comprise what’s already working for your company and/or contend with annoying logistics? The reality is that sharing warehouse space leads to excellent benefits without much downside. Continue reading