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The Inevitable Automation of California Shipping Ports

Cargo Transport Development For More Than Just Oakland Intermodal Services

Loading items on and off container ships leads to very complex logistical needs. A container moving process typically involves large and intricate machinery, including:

  • Container Ships
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Transportation Vehicles
  • Stacking Cranes
  • Trucks (Semi or other)

California’s shipping ports manage each one of these steps manually; whereas other ports around the world have converted to automated systems.

The Benefits of an Automated System

  • Gantry operators control the crane from the safety of an office.
  • Ports can run multiple shifts per day at lower cost than non-automated ports.
  • Computerized systems are not subject to human fatigue.
  • Shipping costs are lowered.
  • Crane operations are approximately 80% more productive than at non-automated ports.
  • Improved logistics and intermodal transportation linkages.
  • Improved overall safety of port personnel.

Risks of an Automated System

In a manual system, a person on the cargo ship unlocks the linked containers. In an automated system, the computer may not recognize that there is a person near a selected container, placing that worker in danger. However, many container vessels are equipped with automated locking and unlocking mechanisms. In these circumstances, humans are only involved in the process if there is a jam or other problem.

Given these benefits, the automation of California’s shipping ports is inevitable. While many unions are protesting over job losses, others expect the cost reductions from automated ports to encourage more overseas shipping and thus more work.

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