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The Difference Between FTL and LTL Shipments

Understanding Intermodal Shipping Needs

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Bay Area trucking servicesWe want you to make the smartest choices based on your deliverables, schedule, budget, and compliance requirements. Let’s take a look at a common source of confusion – FTL vs. LTL shipments. When you’re moving cargo from one area to another – whether you’re moving across the Bay Area or from San Francisco to New York – you need to consider shipping options. Your “best practices” will depend on what you’re shipping, your schedule needs, the volume of your cargo, guidelines from stakeholders, and any applicable rules or regulations.

Most people know about UPS, Federal Express, and the Postal Service. But these services generally handle light, small cargo. Heavier, heartier shipping options include LTL (less than truckload) and FTL (full truckload) freighting.

If you’re moving product or cargo in bulk, you may opt for FTL to qualify for discounts on services. The cargo’s weight and volume both matter. If you’re moving a very heavy load, you can use up a truck’s total carrying capacity, even if the cargo doesn’t stuff the truck to the brim.

LTL shipping is used for transporting smaller freight. The LTL process can take longer than FTL, since LTL shipments can be split up into a variety of small trucks and redistributed at hubs, and/or sub-divided to make loads among trucks more equal.

These factors can lead to slower delivery times for LTL, and you may need to shop price points and different companies to find a fit. Different insurance options are also available.

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