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The Benefits of Intermodal Shipping

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The world of intermodal transport is a fascinating, byzantine world – an unseen (at least by consumers) world populated by enormous quantities of goods and products.

loadingAs the transportation industry faces fuel issues, reduced truck capacity, spikes in demand, and driver shortages, many businesses are choosing the intermodal alternative. The process uses uniformly sized ocean freight containers to export, import, and ship goods across continents. Containers have uniform handling characteristics. Thus, they can be shipped via many types of transportation (hence the term “intermodal”), such as trucks, ocean carriers, air carriers, railroads, etc. This uniformity enhances efficiency and reduces confusion.

Many distribution services use intermodal transport for “save the Earth” reasons. Due to its efficiency, intermodal transport can reduce the environmental impact of logistics and standardize operations. Enhanced safety and reliability also allow companies to manage supply chains with more confidence.

Offering  Complete Intermodal Services

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