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Five Reasons to Use Intermodal Transportation

Tips From Your Bay Area Intermodal Company

As an experienced Bay Area logistics company that offers a plethora of powerful intermodal services, R&A Trucking feels a fiduciary duty to educate clients about the whys and wherefores of intermodal transportation. Whether you’re looking for a better way to distribute products in the Bay Area, searching for driver efficiency solutions or reengineering your entire U.S. production line, here are five reasons why you should go intermodal:

1. Burnish your reputation as an eco-friendly company.
Politicians and climate scientists vigorously debate the perils (or lack thereof) of carbon pollution, but the culture has spoken: belching carbon and other pollution into the atmosphere is no longer considered okay. By applying a smart, effective intermodal transportation strategy, you can reduce fuel consumption and reduce pollution. This helps Mother Earth and also gives companies “bragging rights” — useful if you want to do business with eco-friendly companies.

2. Increase the efficiency of your supply chain.
Businesses that traffic in real goods must find efficiencies. Your logistics and distribution networks may not be your main constraints, but they are almost certainly not optimized. What if they could be?

3. Reduce damage to products.
Direct handling of packages and shipments leads to breakage, disruption and needless labor. Intermodal freight containers are designed to cut out this process waste.

4. Cut costs.
Whether you own a medium size company or a big, sprawling set of businesses with dozens of hubs in the United States, you need to control costs somehow. By reengineering/improving your logistic systems, you can rein in waste, save money, and reinvest that money into other parts of the supply chain or other areas of your business.

5. Generate a sustainable competitive advantage.
Building a great business is a race to acquire better competencies. By understanding and fixing the constraints in your logistic processes and making permanent, necessary structural changes to the way you ship products and distribute, you set your business up to win not just over the short term but over the long term as well.

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