Transportation and Logistics Industries Take New Cyber-Security Measures

Bay Area Logistics Companies Face Cyber-Security Threats

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Technological innovations are changing the way business is conducted in the world. The transportation, shipping, and logistics industries have not been left behind. Technology has dramatically changed how entities within this industry function, in almost every aspect. From the application of Bluetooth technology to track products and services, to the increased efficiency and affordability in the transportation management systems, technology has become integral in this industry.

However, this groundbreaking new technology has been threatened by the introduction of cyber security risks.

Increased Cyber Risks in the Shipping Industry

The shipping and logistics industry depend on computer systems to a very large extent. This means that information technology plays a key role towards the effectiveness and efficiency of warehousing. With such automation, modern maritime ships are now remotely controlled and monitored from shore-based facilities. This has presented hackers and pirates with an opportunity to carry out targeted cyber-attacks on water vessels. Everything is currently computerized and controlled from a network, which might be in a remote location.

According to Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE’s 2015 Safety and Shipping Report, the engine of every ship is managed by software. That software is normally updated when the vessel is currently in-transit. The problem is that the master of the ship does not have prior knowledge when these updates are being undertaken. This means that hackers can take control of a ship, manipulate the systems, disable navigation systems, or even disconnect the entire communication network of the ship.

Such vulnerabilities could be exploited, causing the ship to change course, malfunction or even stall when it’s underway. Therefore this increased automation and usage of computer systems for rapid unloading, container inspection, ship controlling and handling of goods are currently exposed to cyber threats. With a lack of control systems, these threats can escalate.

Measures Taken to Reduce Cyber Threats

According to security experts, most cyber threats affecting the maritime industry have taken long to control, since they have remained hidden. Other businesses avoided to reveal them in public since it could compromise public trust. Additionally, most players in the shipping industry have not been undertaking proper security assessments. In order to end these cyber threats, the following measures should be applied across the board:

  • Using antivirus software while limiting portable media in the systems
  • Adhering to secure operations as well as undertaking regular maintenance
  • Proper design and deployment of programs and applications used in the system
  • Securing the ports

Use of information in the transportation and logistics industry has led to increased productivity and efficiency. However, the system has also been affected by various challenges including cyber-attacks.

R&A Trucking company takes security very seriously.

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