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Logistics Tips: Increasing Shipping Efficiency

Proper logistics fosters cross-functional harmony across your business. With the right logistics system in place,  trucks, vendors and warehouses are enabled to play their role most effectively. When all these components are working together, products are delivered on time and in good condition. From the warehouse to the customer, goods are transported smoothly and reliably. On the contrary, an underdeveloped supply chain that has deficiencies might result in missing product and unnecessary expenditure. If you want to increase your shipping’s efficiency, then you must manage all aspects of the supply chain properly. How do you go about it?

Why Logistics plays a major role in a business’ success

Outsource Logistics

According to a retail survey to determine the main factors that spur e-commerce success and competitive advantage, logistics was singled out as the leading factor. More than 90% of the respondents stated that on-time and error-free shipping is the surest way to set a company apart from the competition.

The traditional means of handling the outsourcing process involves coordinating customs clearance, transportation, as well as distribution, all via a series of emails. However, this method is no longer efficient. Imagine trying to sort through more than ten emails while an angry customer waits angrily and impatiently in line. Using a smart multi-line logistics platform can be the solution to reduce the points of contact as much as possible. This means that miscommunication among and between the vendors is minimized.

On the other hand, multi-line logistics platforms enable managers to assess the entire supply chain all at once. As much as logistics are the mainstay of any shipping company, it is the most difficult and complex function to optimize, especially when extra warehouse spaces must be managed. In these circumstances, new employees will have to be recruited and trained. Given a limited talent pool and budget constraints, outsourcing this work is advisable. By outsourcing this function, you enable your operation to focus on product development and sales.

Limitations of Traditional Logistics

Great logistics organizations know how to keep everything under control. They know how to coordinate vendors and suppliers, smoothing the entire supply chain. However, many retailers continue to ambitiously attempt to use only one or two management systems to manage their entire logistics operation. For these retailers, inefficiencies are basically inevitable. When this happens, delays occur, high overhead costs are incurred and customers are lost. Therefore, it is essential to embrace a modern and solid logistics management system. This will allow an efficient allocation of your resources, so you can be sure that the demands of every customer are being met.

Outsourcing Logistics is a great way to increase shipping efficiency and set your business apart from the competition

Logistics play a key role towards achieving the high quality of organization and efficiency exemplified by any successful e-commerce business. Only a logistics partner or platform that can handle the supply chain’s every aspect transparently, will be able to guarantee the kind of efficiency required in today’s market. When this is achieved, you will strive past the competition.

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