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The Future of Trucking

Bay Area Transportation Logistics Firm Discusses What’s to Come in The Industry

The future of trucking looks bright in the Bay Area and beyond. New reports suggest that there will be significant growth for freight transportation over the next 10 years. Anyone in the business of transportation logistics may enjoy significant advances as well as a steady demand for increased and varied services. The projected outlook for drivers and other trucking professionals also remains high.

Consider these advancements that will continue to revolutionize the industry:

  • New legislation. New trucking legislation inevitably creates short term complications and confusion, but regulations promoting industry fairness for drivers, shippers, and forwarders will improve transparency and reasonable timeframes for shipments. Proposed relevant legislation should also address concerns over environmental sustainability and safety.
  • Technology. Intermodal services now offer a wide range of tools to make trucking more efficient across the board. Trucking companies will start housing all their information in the cloud. This makes managing schedules, invoicing, and record keeping more accessible.
  • Trucking advancements. In addition to improvements on the logistics side, trucking industry experts expect to see a spike in advancement in truck technology. The trucker’s job will remain in high demand, but the nature of the work may change with the introduction of highly advanced, energy efficient, self-driving trucks.

Some challenges exist to the future of trucking, like securing adequate staffing and knowledgeable technicians, but players who learn to adapt and evolve will thrive in the future market.

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