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The 7 Best Films Involving Trucks

San Francisco Trucking Services Company Discusses Trucks and The Movies

Truck drivers know how grueling work can be. Transportation logistics requires long hours, time in isolation, lengthy trips across country, physical exhaustion, and, at times, unexpected delays. But even though trucking work is tough, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a couple of hours to be entertained. With the upcoming Oscars®, check out these seven films that focus on the life of a truck driver, usually in extraordinary circumstances:

Big Trouble in Little China
Kurt Russell stars in this cult classic that takes place in San Francisco’s Chinatown district. The plot centers around Russell’s character trying to help rescue his friend’s fiancée from an underworld of bandits and an ancient sorcerer. This film is famous for the line, “I was born ready.”

Black Dog
When Jack Crews loses his license in an accident on the road, he reluctantly takes up an under-the-table driving assignment to help with some finances. Soon, he realizes that the truck’s cargo is not what he expected, and an action-packed struggle on the road ensues.

A trucker decides to unite a gang of drivers via CB radio to fight against cooked highway cops. It’s based on the famous 1975 country song “Convoy” by C.W. McCall and Chip Davis.

In this Steven Spielberg classic, an impulsive salesman driving on a business trip decides to chase down and overtake an ominous tanker truck that earlier passed him on a deserted highway. Both vehicles then engage in an exhilarating highway chase. This film is so intense, you won’t want to blink.

Over the Top
Protagonist Lincoln Hawk, played by the favorite to win the 2016 Oscar® for Best Supporting Actor Sylvester Stallone, enters a World Arm Wrestling Championship in Las Vegas. His aim is to win a new semi-truck and $100,000 to start his own trucking services company.

Smokey and the Bandit
A must-see comedy that starts with a race car driver who makes a crazy deal. He bets $80,000 that he can deliver an illegal piece of equipment in record time. Authorities soon discover his plot, which leads to a comical chase. This movie is great for all ages.

White Line Fever
Veteran Carrol Jo Hummer from the Air Force decides to enter the trucking industry after service. But in an effort to financially provide for his family, he encounters trouble when he realizes his job has been overtaken by crime and fraud.

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