Tips For Improving Warehouse Productivity

Warehouse Efficiency In The Bay Area

When it comes to Oakland warehousing, an efficient warehouse is a profitable warehouse. Providers of Bay Area intermodal services continually examine and adjust their warehouse procedures to foster maximum productivity.

Various techniques exist for maintaining a productive warehouse, including:

Oakland Warehousing1.      Reorganization. Determine which products are the most popular and place them where workers can access them quickly and easily.

2.      Vertical automated storage. Make the most efficient use of warehouse space and make items readily available with an electronic retrieval system.

3.      Interwoven tasks. Structure work so individuals spend more time performing productive tasks, rather than traveling from one location to the next.

4.      Incentives. Inform workers of warehouse productivity goals and post the team’s progress where everyone can see.

5.      Goods-to-person technologies. Rather than making workers walk all over a warehouse to retrieve items, use these devices to bring products to them.

6.      RFID. Radio frequency identification (RFID) gives warehouse managers a closer look into the facility’s most important process areas, helping them more efficiently coordinate and manage the supply chain.

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Although increasing warehouse productivity can be a lengthy and difficult process, the result is a better-coordinated and more profitable team. For more information about San Francisco trucking, warehousing, and intermodal services, contact R&A Trucking today! Give us a call at (510) 632-7112.