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Women in Trucking: Easing the Labor Shortfall and More

Oakland Logistics Experts Discuss the Increasing Number of Female Truckers

Your local logistics company may be experiencing a new type of employee. Remember the stereotypical Hollywood depiction we see of the 6’1’’ man with a peppered beard, colored bandana, sun-leathered skin, dark shades, and rounded belly? Transportation companies are experiencing a rise in female truck drivers, and these women are breaking stereotypes and outperforming their male counterparts.

In inspections, compliance, and measuring accidents, women are scoring higher than men according to Werner Enterprises Inc. Chief Operating Officer Derek Leathers. Trucking, freight, shipping, and companies that specialize in intermodal transportation are recognizing women as an untapped labor force. The increase of women truck drivers could potentially ease the shortage of workers the industry has experienced.

Logistics and trucking companies are engaging in job recruitment campaigns that are geared towards women. These initiatives are focusing on the perks of truck driving, such as updated fleets, increased salaries, cleaner terminals, schedules that guarantee time at home, automatic transmissions, safer truck stops, and new comforts like larger sleeping cabs. As Leathers puts it, “we want to cast the net as wide as we can cast it… It’s an opportunity for the industry.”

These campaigns are expected to attract more women into the workforce, and they have already begun entering at a higher rate. Last year, women made up 5.8% of the industry average, compared to a 4.6% national average in 2010. More and more companies are encouraging women to enter the labor force and are taking the necessary measures to make it more attractive, such as allowing pets, designing better seats, and implementing “no touch” cargo that doesn’t’ require heavy lifting.

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Expect to see more women behind the wheels of big rigs. Not only are transportation companies preparing for this shift in industry convention, women in the workforce are proving to be a very positive asset. For more information on our trucking services or to learn about cost-effective transportation and intermodal services that minimize logistic planning, call R&A Trucking today at (510) 632-7112.