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Intermodal Service Experts

Intermodal transportation refers to the use of one or more carries, or modes, for the transportation of freight goods from the shipper to consignee. In most cases, specialized and standardized containers on ships, trucks, and freight trains are used in the process. These containers are specifically designed, durable rectangular cubes that are capable of being safely secured to modified trailers. They are also built in a way that allows them to be transported using different modes. This in turn helps to eliminate the risks of damage to cargo that comes with extra handling of shipments when items must be unpacked and repacked between transportation modes. (Note: Some air cargo is also shipped in intermodal containers, although they must be shaped to fit in an air freighter’s cargo hold.)

Why Intermodal Modal Transportation is the Right Way to Go

Intermodal transportation is ideal for the hauling of any imports, exports, and cross-continental shipments that need to shift between air, ship, rail or truck. It simplifies the entire process of transportation, thereby increasing efficiency in terms of logistics and supply chain management.

A significant number of freight forwarders also prefer intermodal transportation since it helps  boost the security of goods and reduces handling costs. Intermodal services are also gaining popularity because of their overall cost reduction capabilities, improved highway safety, and environmental benefits.

Intermodal Service Experts

Intermodal-capable trucks are typically used to connect a particular container from the ocean to a warehouse or rail. These modified trucks also run between inland shipping truck terminals rail systems, and inland and seaports. For those in need of such services in Northern California, R&A Trucking has a fleet of trucks more than capable of transporting cargo containers between destinations in Northern California or to various destinations across the U.S.

Hire a Bay Area Trucking Company Today

R&A is a reputable Trucking Company that provides intermodal container services for different ports, some of which include Richmond, Oakland, Stockton, Lathrop, Stockton, and San Francisco. Over the years, R&A Trucking has managed to create longstanding relationships with terminal operators at most ports. This has helped to expedite the transportation of clients’ products from different origin points to their destination. The logistics coordinators at R&A Trucking also work closely with customers in order to come up with the most appropriate mode of intermodal transportation so that containers can be moved in the most effective manner possible. The company also offers expert storage, rail and trucking services as part of the intermodal transportation service package.

Everything You Should Know About Electronic Logging Devices

Bay Area Trucking Services Company Discusses the Coming Changes in Electronic Logging

what are ELDs, electronic logging devices, oakland trucking services, bay area logistics services

An electronic logging device (ELD) is an electronic solution designed to enable commercial motor carriers and professional truck drivers, an easy means of tracking their Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance. This compliance was brought forward by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in a bid to curb driver cheating, which was highly prevalent in the old system of paper logging. By 17th December 2017, all drivers affected by this rule are expected to have fully complied.

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