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Oakland Warehousing Services

California’s Economy is Thriving, Especially in the Bay Area

Bay Area Logistics Company Discusses Rising Commerce in the Golden State

The San Francisco Bay Area proves to be the thriving metropolis and driving force behind California’s economic strength, in logistics and many other sectors. In 2014, the San Francisco/Oakland region saw a 5.4% expansion, well above the national average, while Napa followed at 4%. With technological innovation on the rise, the tech-heavy Silicon Valley alone saw a staggering 6.7% increase in employment. The unemployment rate is also predicted to continue declining in the year 2016.

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Oakland Transportation Logistics

Ongoing Trend: Transportation and Logistics Mergers

Should There Be Concern About Mergers & Acquisitions in the Trucking Market?

As mergers and acquisitions (M&A) dominate the transportation logistics industry, buyers are speculative about the intended effects. The Journal of Commerce reports that 54 M&A deals were struck in the first quarter of 2015 alone, equaling a total value of $27.2 billion. Many of these acquisitions happen between large companies who are interested in gaining more prominence in the market.

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Bay Area Transportation Logistics

Intermodal Freight Rates Are Increasing: But Will the Trend Continue?

Oakland Logistics Company Examines Recent Earnings Increases in The Industry

Reports confirm that the profitability of the intermodal services industry is currently very solid. More and more businesses are hiring trucking and rail services, possibly because the surging general economy has increased shipping and storage demands across many sectors. The six million dollar question is: will these favorable trends continue or taper off? How should businesses that are trying to compete and improve their logistics processes change up what they’re doing based on these trend lines?

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