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Five Technologies Making Logistics and Supply Chain More Efficient

The supply chain, and its logistic challenges, affect a company’s distribution efficiency and impacts the quality of the product that company wants to deliver. (How well does it survive the journey?)

Supply chain management is critical to productivity and we have seen a paradigm shift in the way it is done, most notably in adoption of modern technology to enhance efficiency and accountability.

Computerized chain management gives us better visibility and real-time tracking of the entire chain. Smartphones, GPS devices, and other tools have expanded mobile supply chain connectivity as well. Supply managers can now make adjustments much more quickly, which reduces disruptions, errors and costs. Which raises customer satisfaction!

Here are five examples of how technology is transforming how the supply chain works:

  • Radio Technology
    Tracking of shipments, and the products within them, improves dramatically with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. We can effectively monitor every product as it moves through our intermodal system. RFID chips on all items also helps employees to quickly detect errors and correct them.
  • Advanced Weighing Technology
    Onboard truck scales allow for seamless operations when a platform scale is not available. The scales measure payload weight and the truck’s gross weight. They enhance productivity by ensuring a truck carries the maximum weight right from the point of loading.
  • Social Media Revolution
    Customer Service operations have been very active in opening more channels of communication between all the players in the supply chain. Real-time messaging apps on phones keep people connected on the road with all stakeholders in the supply chain. Respond to questions, report in real-time about incidences and resolve issues as they happen.
  • Transport Management Software
    The use of computerized shipping and tracking systems helps to integrate all operations from one panel. And it is now possible to have such a panel in your mobile device. Organize your inventory data, manage shipping, monitor distribution and create an electronic bill of landing anywhere, any time.
  • Data Analytics
    Every new tool generates a fresh volume of data, which the supply chain management can use effectively if organized and analyzed. RFID, customer surveys, CRM transactions and call center logs all add to the pile of big data. Much remains to be done to make Big Data useful, but every day sees progress.

The whole idea of adopting technology in supplies management is to simplify the process. This will help reduce costs and minimize business risk in the supply chain. Leveraging these innovations is a way to stay ahead of the competition.

Rely on a Bay Area Trucking Company for Innovative Logistics Solutions

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