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Container Lifting Bay Area

Modernized Trucking and the Environment

San Francisco Trucking Company Discusses Recent Green Developments

The painful reality of bumper-to-bumper traffic is enough to make anyone scream. What if there was a way to eliminate 1.5 million cars from the road? Imagine how that could dramatically improve, or at least lessen, the agony of your weekly commute. A recent proposal made by Congress to increase the length of LTL twin trailers by five feet in the trucking industry is expected to significantly reduce the congestion on freeways. This would result in twin 33-foot trailers, instead of the 28-foot standard, producing an effect that is similar to eliminating 1.5 million cars from highways.

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Oakland intermodal transportation

Five Reasons to Use Intermodal Transportation

Tips From Your Bay Area Intermodal Company

As an experienced Bay Area logistics company that offers a plethora of powerful intermodal services, R&A Trucking feels a fiduciary duty to educate clients about the whys and wherefores of intermodal transportation. Whether you’re looking for a better way to distribute products in the Bay Area, searching for driver efficiency solutions or reengineering your entire U.S. production line, here are five reasons why you should go intermodal: Continue reading