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Excellent Opportunity for Class A Driver

R&A Trucking Co. is looking for Truck driver with a Class A license. This is a full time position with all deliveries being completed on a daily basis. Driver will be required to physically handle materials and get up/down from trailer. This position will require a driver that is safety conscience and has the ability to solve problems and follow procedures. The Freight being transported requires a specific way to be loaded and secured. Contact with professional customers will also be required. Driver will also be trained on our procedures. Forklift experience is also a plus.

The truck driver must have the following qualifications.
1. 2 years driving experience. ((Flat Bed experience preferred))
2. Clean driving record and current medical card
3. Current Class A license. // Must Have TWIC CARD
4. Good Communication Skills.

R&A Trucking Co. also offers paid vacations, medical, vision and dental insurance, R&A Trucking offers a friendly work environment with employees committed to customer service.

If you feel you are qualified to join our team that has been committed to quality products and service for the past 30 years, I eagerly await hearing from you.

Job Location: Oakland
R&A Trucking Co.
Available Immediately FT

Intermodal Transportation Services are Surging

In the past few years, intermodal transportation has witnessed an increased growth.

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Intermodal transportation services involves the movement of truck trailers and shipping containers by rail. It is also combined with truck movement at either one or both ends. However, the truck movement is usually significantly shorter. It remains one of the biggest contributors to freight rail revenue in the US. In 2015, more than 13 million units were moved, through rail freight transportation. Since 2013, more than 50% of shippers have shifted their freight to intermodal, according to the Association of American Railroads (AAR). This can be attributed to the following factors.

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Intermodal Transportation Containers at the Port

The Benefits of Intermodal Transportation

Oakland Logistics Company Discusses Rewards

One of the top trends in the supply chain industry is the use of intermodal transportation. The past few years have experienced a squeezed capacity due to increased demands, driver shortages, heightened government oversight, as well as increased fuel prices. All these unexpected circumstances have an effect on everything, from timing of loads to pricing. The answer to these challenges lies in intermodal transportation. Continue reading

Oakland Transportation Logistics

Intermodal Rail Traffic in U.S. Rises to Highest Level This Year

Oakland Intermodal Transportation Leader Discusses New Record in Industry

The R&A Trucking team is delighted to report that there has never been a better time for the rail intermodal industry. A new report published by the Association of American Railroads has revealed that intermodal transportation volume has recently broken all previous records. In a recent week, the volume of intermodal traffic rose 4.3 percent higher than the volume a year ago. In the following week, the increase from the previous year was even higher, reaching 4.9 percent.

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Oakland Transportation Logistics

Guidelines for Truck Driving in Winter Weather

Winter Driving Safety Tips from an Oakland Trucking Company

Winter weather can leave truckers working in icy, hazardous conditions. These large vehicles require good logistics and a driver’s constant, vigilant awareness to navigate roadways successfully. Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you head out in winter weather: Continue reading

Bay Area Logistics

Is Truck Driving a Dangerous Profession?

Safety Insights from an Oakland Logistics Company

Americans often read about the myriad dangers associated with working in the construction industry; but driving trucks can also be highly dangerous. Drivers work on the roads nearly every day for several hours at a time. Unexpected road hazards, fatigue and unpredictable weather all can increase your chances of being injured on the job. Continue reading

oakland warehousing

Selecting Pallets for Your Bay Area Warehousing Services

Safeguard your Products with the Right Warehousing Pallets

oakland logistics companySome industries have specific pallet requirements for their products, while others choose from one of three main types: wood, plastic, or cardboard. Determining the right pallet for your industrial needs can mean the difference between a safe product and a lost or damaged product. Review the benefits and ideal uses for pallets to make the right decision for your San Francisco trucking business. Continue reading

Oakland transportation logistics

Bay Area Trucking Industry Battles Driver Shortage

Is the San Francisco trucking industry facing a driver shortage?

The Bay Area trucking industry, like the rest of the country, faces a big transportation problem. While demand for delivered goods has drastically increased over the last several years, fewer drivers want to take long-haul jobs. So what’s going on? Experts attribute the challenging driver market to several diverse factors, but the most likely answer is the simplest: drivers believe they’re not getting paid enough. For Oakland trucking to succeed, our industry needs reliable, trained, and qualified drivers who feel appropriately compensated for the efforts. Continue reading