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Intermodal Transportation’s Solution to Evolving Supply Chain Demands

An Examination of Freight Delivery from an Oakland Logistics & Rail Services Firm

One of the top production network patterns affecting the transportation business today is intermodal transportation. In the course of recent years, a limit has been pressed with driver deficiencies, expanded interest, expanded fuel costs, and heightened government oversight. All these uncontrollable issues at hand influence everything from valuing to a timing of burdens, and officials are searching for the answer in keeping up a practical inventory network.

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Bay Area Transportation Logistics

Intermodal Transportation: Shortages in the Trucking and Railroad Industries

Current Industry Challenges Discussed by an Oakland Intermodal Services Firm

Within the last year, prices of rail transportation have increased by 4.9% and the demand for trucking services continues to be on the rise. Still, both industries are experiencing shortages, and this is affecting the way businesses can transport their product. Many companies are rethinking their logistics strategy as a result, and intermodal transportation has been a great remedy for businesses needing to adjust.

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Oakland Transportation Logistics

Intermodal Rail Traffic in U.S. Rises to Highest Level This Year

Oakland Intermodal Transportation Leader Discusses New Record in Industry

The R&A Trucking team is delighted to report that there has never been a better time for the rail intermodal industry. A new report published by the Association of American Railroads has revealed that intermodal transportation volume has recently broken all previous records. In a recent week, the volume of intermodal traffic rose 4.3 percent higher than the volume a year ago. In the following week, the increase from the previous year was even higher, reaching 4.9 percent.

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