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Excellent Opportunity for Class A Driver

R&A Trucking Co. is looking for Truck driver with a Class A license. This is a full time position with all deliveries being completed on a daily basis. Driver will be required to physically handle materials and get up/down from trailer. This position will require a driver that is safety conscience and has the ability to solve problems and follow procedures. The Freight being transported requires a specific way to be loaded and secured. Contact with professional customers will also be required. Driver will also be trained on our procedures. Forklift experience is also a plus.

The truck driver must have the following qualifications.
1. 2 years driving experience. ((Flat Bed experience preferred))
2. Clean driving record and current medical card
3. Current Class A license. // Must Have TWIC CARD
4. Good Communication Skills.

R&A Trucking Co. also offers paid vacations, medical, vision and dental insurance, R&A Trucking offers a friendly work environment with employees committed to customer service.

If you feel you are qualified to join our team that has been committed to quality products and service for the past 30 years, I eagerly await hearing from you.

Job Location: Oakland
R&A Trucking Co.
Available Immediately FT

5 Quick Tips on Logistics Management

Logistics Management Tips

Any company whose business entails providing a variety of services and products to consumers should have a well-defined logistics strategy. This is importance towards the sustainability of that business as well as providing the highest standards of service at all times. Logistics mainly deals with supply of materials, when they must be transported, delivery, and time considerations, to ensure the entire procedure runs smoothly from start to completion. Continue reading

Bay Area Warehouse Jobs Emphasize Ethical Practices

The Importance of Supply Chain Transparency

Bay Area Transportation Logistics Firm Discusses Ethics Concern

Today’s consumers are hyper aware of (and arguably overly concerned about) the origin of their foodstuffs and products. The growth of the farm-to-table movement is a case in point: a clear example of the American public’s deep and understandable yearning for a transparent supply chain. Beyond public trust, other issues highlight the importance of transparency.

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Oakland Transportation Logistics

Ongoing Trend: Transportation and Logistics Mergers

Should There Be Concern About Mergers & Acquisitions in the Trucking Market?

As mergers and acquisitions (M&A) dominate the transportation logistics industry, buyers are speculative about the intended effects. The Journal of Commerce reports that 54 M&A deals were struck in the first quarter of 2015 alone, equaling a total value of $27.2 billion. Many of these acquisitions happen between large companies who are interested in gaining more prominence in the market.

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Richmond CA Transportation Logistics

Trucking and Current Road/Highway Infrastructure

The Declining State of U.S. Roadways is Affecting Bay Area Intermodal Services

Legislators have yet to take significant action to repair the worsening transportation infrastructure crisis in the United States. Since 1993, the federal highway program has existed in a sorry state of stagnation. Funding from federal and state governments, which is desperately needed to maintain the infrastructure of the roads that are used by all trucking intermodal service providers, is on the decline.

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Bay Area Logistics

Is Truck Driving a Dangerous Profession?

Safety Insights from an Oakland Logistics Company

Americans often read about the myriad dangers associated with working in the construction industry; but driving trucks can also be highly dangerous. Drivers work on the roads nearly every day for several hours at a time. Unexpected road hazards, fatigue and unpredictable weather all can increase your chances of being injured on the job. Continue reading

Oakland Transportation Logistics

What Reduced Gas Prices Means for the Trucking Industry

Oakland Intermodal Services and Many Others Heavily Benefit

With the recent surge in crude oil supplies worldwide, prices at the gas pumps have been steadily declining for the past six months. Many people who were traveling for the holidays rejoiced as automotive transportation costs plummeted in time for family reunions and Christmas parties. However, few people were as happy as those working in the trucking and intermodal services industries.

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Oakland Intermodal Services

California Shipping Regulations for Oversize/Overweight Loads

Load Size Requirements for Oakland Logistics and Shipping Companies

Truck weighing stations along the interstates ensure that trucks do not carry anything above their weight limit. For most 18-wheeler trucks, the legal weight is 80,000 pounds. This means that there should be no more than 20,000 pounds on any single axle and no more than 34,000 on a tandem axle. The maximum length for any semi-trailer truck is 75 feet in the state of California. If a truck from a logistics company needs to carry any more weight, it must have an overweight permit.

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Oakland transportation logistics

Bay Area Trucking Industry Battles Driver Shortage

Is the San Francisco trucking industry facing a driver shortage?

The Bay Area trucking industry, like the rest of the country, faces a big transportation problem. While demand for delivered goods has drastically increased over the last several years, fewer drivers want to take long-haul jobs. So what’s going on? Experts attribute the challenging driver market to several diverse factors, but the most likely answer is the simplest: drivers believe they’re not getting paid enough. For Oakland trucking to succeed, our industry needs reliable, trained, and qualified drivers who feel appropriately compensated for the efforts. Continue reading