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Excellent Opportunity for Class A Driver

R&A Trucking Co. is looking for Truck driver with a Class A license. This is a full time position with all deliveries being completed on a daily basis. Driver will be required to physically handle materials and get up/down from trailer. This position will require a driver that is safety conscience and has the ability to solve problems and follow procedures. The Freight being transported requires a specific way to be loaded and secured. Contact with professional customers will also be required. Driver will also be trained on our procedures. Forklift experience is also a plus.

The truck driver must have the following qualifications.
1. 2 years driving experience. ((Flat Bed experience preferred))
2. Clean driving record and current medical card
3. Current Class A license. // Must Have TWIC CARD
4. Good Communication Skills.

R&A Trucking Co. also offers paid vacations, medical, vision and dental insurance, R&A Trucking offers a friendly work environment with employees committed to customer service.

If you feel you are qualified to join our team that has been committed to quality products and service for the past 30 years, I eagerly await hearing from you.

Job Location: Oakland
R&A Trucking Co.
Available Immediately FT


Ways to Balance Family Life and Trucking Jobs

Bay Area Truck Driver Jobs and How to Maintain Personal Relationships

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck driver jobs and the trucking economy as a whole is likely to expand at a considerably higher rate in the next several years. Truckers are indeed one of the most significant aspects of our transportation logistics economy. By delivering the goods and materials on land while shifting between various retail locations, manufacturing facilities, and distribution hubs, they are instrumental in keeping our economy running. As a truck driver, an individual is expected to pick up a good and deliver it to virtually any possible location that can be reached via land transportation. Long hours, along with intense conditions at times, make this a career path that isn’t made for everyone. Many truckers often wonder whether it is possible to have a balance between their family life and the taxing work hours. In case you’re wondering the same thing, here’s a quick insight on how to maintain a family life even with this challenging job.

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Bay Area Transportation Logistics

Women in Trucking: Easing the Labor Shortfall and More

Oakland Logistics Experts Discuss the Increasing Number of Female Truckers

Your local logistics company may be experiencing a new type of employee. Remember the stereotypical Hollywood depiction we see of the 6’1’’ man with a peppered beard, colored bandana, sun-leathered skin, dark shades, and rounded belly? Transportation companies are experiencing a rise in female truck drivers, and these women are breaking stereotypes and outperforming their male counterparts.
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Intermodal Service Richmond, CA

Tips for Truck Drivers: How to Avoid Drowsy Driving

Alertness Tips for Truckers from a Bay Area Logistics Services Firm

Drunk driving has long been outlawed as a dangerous and irresponsible act, but did you know that drowsy driving can be just as detrimental? Studies about “drowsy driving” have revealed startling facts. Apparently, remaining awake for 18 hours without sleep is mentally equivalent to driving drunk; it is equal to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08%. In this sense, driving drunk and driving drowsy are equally harmful because both will impair reflexes, cloud judgment, and increase the likelihood of serious accidents in regular and intermodal transportation alike.

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Oakland Transportation Logistics

Tips for Summer Truck Driving

Expert Oakland Logistics Company Advises on Trucking in the Summertime

Packing a survival kit is a necessity during the cold and bitter months of winter. But did you know that a summer survival kit is just as necessary? Unprepared truck drivers involved in transportation logistics are just as susceptible to harm in the sunny days of summer as they are in the cold weather. Taking a few simple precautions can ensure that you, as a trucker driver, enjoy good health all year around. Follow these simple tricks to stay in good health and avoid harm:

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